Crossed Modules and Cat1-Algebras

Version 1.22
Released 2022-04-29

This project is maintained by Alper Odabas

GAP Package XModAlg

The XModAlg package provides a collection of functions for computing with crossed modules and cat1-algebras and morphisms of these structures.

The current version of this package is version 1.22, released on 2022-04-29. For more information, please refer to the package manual. There is also a README file.


This package requires GAP version >=4.11.0

The following other GAP packages are needed:


Zekeriya Arvasi, Alper Odabas.


Please, cite this package as

[AO22] Arvasi, Z. and Odabas, A., XModAlg, Crossed Modules and Cat1-Algebras, Version 1.22 (2022)
(GAP package), https://gap-packages.github.io/xmodalg/.

You can get more info by typing Cite("XModAlg"); in the gap prompt.


For bug reports, feature requests and suggestions, please use the issue tracker.