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Iterated monodromy groups

Version 0.2.3


Groups and dynamical systems

Laurent Bartholdi
Email: laurent dot bartholdi at gmail dot com

Mathematisches Institut
Bunsenstraße 3-5
D-37073 Göttingen


This document describes the package IMG, which implements in GAP the iterated monodromy groups of Nekrashevych. It depends on the package FR.

The computer algebra system GAP is available at

This documentation for IMG is available at in PDF format, and may be accessed online at

The latest release of the package may be downloaded as (tar, gzipped). The latest repository version (possibly unstable) may be downloaded as (tar, gzipped), (git repository), or explored at

For comments or questions on IMG please contact the author; this package is still under development.


© 2006-2013 by Laurent Bartholdi


Part of this work is/was supported by the "German Science Foundation".


This project started as a part of the GAP package FR. It expanded so much that I decided in 2012 to split it off, so as to keep more cleanly separated the group theory on one side, and the complex analysis, on the other side.


1 Licensing
2 IMG package
3 Sphere groups and machines
4 Holomorphic maps
5 Examples
6 Miscellanea

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