A package for numerical semigroups

Version 1.3.1
Released 2022-07-27

This project is maintained by Manuel Delgado, Pedro A. Garcia-Sanchez

GAP Package NumericalSgps

The NumericalSgps package, is a package to compute with numerical semigroups.

The current version of this package is version 1.3.1, released on 2022-07-27. For more information, please refer to the package manual.

There is also a README file.


This package requires GAP version 4.7


Manuel Delgado, Pedro A. Garcia-Sanchez, Jose Morais.


Carmelo Cisco, Benjamín Alarcón Heredia, Juan Ignacio García-García, Sebastian Gutsche, Andrés Herrera-Poyatos, Max Horn, Helena Martin Cruz, Nicola Maugeri, Carlos Jesús Moreno Ávila, Ignacio Ojeda, Chris O’Neill, Alessio Sammartano, Alfredo Sánchez-R. Navarro, Klara Stokes, Strazzanti Francesco, Giuseppe Zito, Jorge Angulo Rodríguez.


Please, cite this package as

[DGM22] Delgado, M., Garcia-Sanchez, P. A. and Morais, J., NumericalSgps, A package for numerical semigroups, Version 1.3.1 (2022)
(Refereed GAP package),

You can get more info by typing Cite("NumericalSgps"); in the gap prompt.


For bug reports, feature requests and suggestions, please use the issue tracker.


The features of this package include

There is a manual in the sub-directory doc written using the GAP package gapdoc which describes the available functions in detail. The pdf, html versions of the manual are also available there.


This package consists only of GAP code, so for its installation please refer to the GAP manual.