Computing with elements of unipotent subgroups of Chevalley groups

Version 1.4
Released 2018-04-09

This project is maintained by Max Horn

The Unipot package

The Unipot package provides GAP with the ability to compute with elements of unipotent subgroups of Chevalley groups, but also some properties of this groups.

Installing UNIPOT

This document describes the procedure of installing the package.

Installing Unipot should be easy once you have installed GAP itself. We assume here that you want to install Unipot in its standard location, which is in the pkg subdirectory of the main GAP4 installation.

You have to perform the following steps to install Unipot:

You can download the sources from https://gap-packages.github.io/unipot/ or alternatively from the same places as GAP: https://www.gap-system.org/Packages/unipot.html

If you installed a recent version of the packages-… file of the GAP distribution, then Unipot is most likely already installed. If not, you can download the package Unipot separately. In that case go to the subdirectory pkg of the main GAP directory (when you installed the GAP distribution, a new directory called gap4r<X> for some was created; this directory contains the `pkg` subdirectory). The standard location would be


Then extract the sources of the Unipot package. Unipot resides completely in the following subdirectory (assuming standard location):


Installing in a different than the standard location

It could happen that you do not want to install Unipot in its standard location, perhaps because you do not want to bother your system administrator and have no access to the GAP directory. In this case just unpack Unipot in any other location within a pkg directory as described above. E.g. the directory containing the pkg directory is /home/user/mygap, then Unipot resides in /home/user/mygap/pkg/unipot.

Note that you either have to edit the startup script gap.sh: Add /home/user/mygap separating it with a semicolon (;) from previous directories for the variable GAP_DIR or you have to start GAP with following command line option:

gap -l "/usr/local/lib/gap4rX;/home/user/mygap"

Loading Unipot in GAP

The documentation of the package is available in any GAP4 session, even if the package is not loaded. Like any other package, Unipot is loaded in GAP with

gap> LoadPackage("unipot");

within the GAP4 session.

Contact and support

If you have problems with this package, wish to make comments or suggestions, or if you find bugs, please report them via


Also, we would like to hear about applications of this package. (See “Citing Unipot”, section 3 of the manual preface.)

Copyright (C) 2000-2004, Sergei Haller

This code is released under the GPL version 2 or later (at your preference). For the full license text, consult the LICENSE file or visit https://www.gnu.org/licenses/.