toric varieties and some combinatorial geometry computations

Version 1.9.5
Released 2019-10-07

This project is maintained by The GAP Team

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The toric package for toric varieties

“toric” is a package that implements some computations related to toric varieties and combinatorial geometry in GAP. With “toric”, affine toric varieties can be created and related information about them can be calculated. “toric” is written entirely in the GAP language by D. Joyner.

This package is licensed under the MIT license.

Installing toric

To install “toric” (as a GAP 4 Package) unpack the archive file in a directory in the pkg hierarchy of your version of GAP4. (This might be the pkg directory of the GAP 4 home directory.) On a *nix system, this is accomplished by (1) copying toric.tar.gz into the pkg subdirectory, (2) typing (as root, if necessary) tar zxvf toric.tar.gz.

Loading toric

After starting up GAP, the “toric” package needs to be loaded. Load “toric” by typing at the GAP prompt:

gap> LoadPackage( "toric" );

If “toric” isn’t already in memory, it is loaded and a small banner is displayed.

Bug reports

Please submit bug reports via Alternatively, you can also send an email to

In either case, remember we will need to be able to reproduce the problem; so please include: