Computing in nilpotent Lie algebras

Version 1.24
Released 2018-04-09

This project is maintained by The GAP Team

                           The Sophus Package

The Sophus package  is written to compute with  nilpotent Lie algebras
over  finite prime  fields. Using  this package,  you can  compute the
cover, the  list of immediate descendants, and  the automorphism group
of such Lie  algebras. You can also test if two  such Lie algebras are

The  immediate descendant  function  of  the package  can  be used  to
classify  small-dimensional  nilpotent   Lie  algebras  over  a  given
field. For  instance, the package author obtained  a classification of
nilpotent  Lie  algebras  with  dimension  at most  9  over  F_2.


The Sophus package was written by:

Csaba Schneider   
Informatics Laboratory  
Computer and Automation Research Institute 
The  Hungarian Academy of Sciences  
1518 Budapest
Pf. 63    

                     Installing the Sophus package

To install the  Sophus package, move the archive  file 'sophus.tar.gz'
into the `pkg' directory  in which you plan to install
Sophus.  Usually, this will be the directory `pkg' in the hierarchy of
your  version of  GAP 4.  (However,  it is  also possible  to keep  an
additional `pkg'  directory in  your private directories,  see section
"ref:Installing  GAP  Packages" of  the  GAP  4  reference manual  for
details on how  to do this.)  Then unpack the  archive file and that's

Please remember that  if you want to use Sophus  then you'll also need
to install Version >= 1.2 of the AutPGrp package.

                               Bug reports

If you encounter problems, please report them via our issue tracker:

When sending a bug report, please to to include enough information so
that we can reproduce the problem.