Set-Theoretic Computations with Residue Classes

Version 4.7.3
Released 2022-07-29

This project is maintained by Stefan Kohl

      ResClasses -- Set-theoretic computations with [Res]idue [Classes]

                           -- A GAP 4 Package --

                               Version 4.7.3

         Author and Maintainer:  Stefan Kohl,


ResClasses is  a GAP 4 package for  set-theoretic computations  with  residue
classes of the integers and a couple of other rings.  The class of sets which
ResClasses can deal with  includes the open and the closed sets in the  topo-
logy on the respective ring which is induced by taking the set of all residue
classes as a basis,  as far as the usual restrictions  imposed by the finite-
ness of computing resources permit this.
    For details on how to use the  ResClasses package,  see the package docu-
mentation  in  the  `doc'  subdirectory  --  either  view  its  HTML  version
(chap0.html)  with  a browser,  or its  PDF version  (manual.pdf)  with a PDF


This version of  ResClasses  needs  GAP >=4.9.0,  GAPDoc >=1.5.1,  Polycyclic 
>=2.11 and Utils >=0.40.  All required packages are already present in an up-
to-date standard  GAP installation.  ResClasses can be used on  all platforms
for which GAP is available.  It is completely written in the GAP language and
does neither contain nor require external binaries.


Like any other GAP package,  ResClasses is usually installed in the pkg/ sub-
directory of the  GAP distribution.   This is accomplished  by extracting the
package archive file in this directory.  After this  you can load the package
as usual via LoadPackage( "resclasses" );.
  For further advice  on questions of technical nature  please see the  chap-
ter `Installation and Auxiliary Functions' in the manual.

                          Distribution and Updates

New releases of this package are put online on the package web page


If you install ResClasses or if you use it in some of your work,  then please
let me know.  Also please let me know if you have problems with this package,
or if you find a bug.