Line by line profiling and code coverage for GAP

Version 2.5.0

This project is maintained by Christopher Jefferson

The GAP 4 package `profiling'

This package provides line-by-line profiling of GAP, allowing
both discovering which lines of code take the most time, and
which lines of code are even executed.

The main function provided by this package is
OutputAnnotatedCodeCoverageFiles, which takes a previously
generated profile (using ProfileLineByLine or CoverageLineByLine,
both provided by the GAP library), and outputs human-readable
HTML files.

There is also OutputFlameGraph, which outputs a graphical diagram
showing which functions took the most time during exection.


This package requires the 'IO' package is installed and compiled.
Check it can be loaded by running 'LoadPackage("io");' before trying
to compile and run 'profiling'.

This package also requires a C++ compiler (typically clang++ or g++)

Build Instructions For Release

The package should be built using the commands:


Optionally, if this package is not within GAP's pkg directory,
you can use the following notation to tell configure where GAP
is located.