Computing with nilpotent matrix groups

Version 1.4
Released 2020-02-09

This project is maintained by Alla Detinko, Bettina Eick, Dane Flannery

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The Nilmat package

This is the README file for the GAP package “Nilmat”.

This package contains methods for checking whether a given matrix group is nilpotent and for computing with nilpotent matrix groups. The considered matrix groups may be matrix groups over a finite field or the field of rational numbers.

The Nilmat package is written in GAP code only and does not use external binaries. To install the package, you only need to move it into the directory pkg of your GAP installation. To load the package, you only need to start GAP and type


The Nilmat package banner should appear on the screen.


For details on how to use the Nilmat package see the HTML package documentation in the htm subdirectory, or the PDF file doc/manual.pdf. Before using the package, please pay attention to the bugfix information in Chapter 4 of the manual.

Alla Detinko (Galway) Bettina Eick (Braunschweig) Dane Flannery (Galway)

Bug reports and feature requests

Please submit bug reports and feature requests via our GitHub issue tracker:


Copyright (C) 2007, 2017 Alla Detinko, Bettina Eick, Dane Flannery

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