Nilpotent Quotients of L-Presented Groups

Version 1.0.1
Released 2018-11-14

This project is maintained by Laurent Bartholdi

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The GAP 4 package lpres


This is the package lpres written for GAP 4. It provides a first construction of finitely L-presented groups and a nilpotent quotient algorithm for L-presented groups.

The features of this package include

There is a manual in the subdirectory doc written in plain TeX which describes the functions available.

If you have found a bug or any features missing please let me know (Laurent Bartholdi, laurent.bartholdi@gmail.com)


With this version you should have obtained the following files and directories:

README.lpres    this file

init.g          the file that initializes this package

read.g          the file that reads in the package        

makedoc.g       the file used to compile the documentation

PackageInfo.g   the file for the new package loading mechanism

doc             the manual

gap             the GAP code


Make sure that the GAP 4 packages Polycyclic and FGA are installed. It suffices to unpack the package in the pkg directory and load the package from within gap using LoadPackage("lpres");.

Test Files

The lpres package can be tested with


Compiling the Manual

If you obtained the package from its git repository, you have to compile the manual. For this, enter the directory of lpres (the one containing the file makedoc.g) and run gap makedoc.g.

BugFixes/Changes/Features Added