Database and algorithms for Lie p-rings

Version 1.9.2
Released 2018-10-11

This project is maintained by Michael Vaughan-Lee, Bettina Eick

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LiePRing is a GAP4 package. Its main objective is to provide access to the nilpotent Lie rings of order p^n for p>2 and n<=7.

REMARK: this package is written for GAP4.4 (and higher versions); the package LieRing is required.


To install the package LiePRing move the file liepring-XX.tar.gz (or any other archive containing it) into the pkg directory. Usually this will be the pkg subdirectory in your GAP4 installation. However, it is also possible to have a pkg subdirectory in a different place, see the section Installing GAP Packages of the GAP4 reference manual for more information. Then simply unpack liepring-XX.tar.gz and your installation is complete.

In GAP, issue

gap> LoadPackage( "liepring" );

to load the package.


The manual of LiePRing is contained in the liepring/doc directory.