Interactive Todd-Coxeter

Version 1.5
Released 2018-06-13

This project is maintained by The GAP Team

                      The GAP 4 Package ITC

ITC stands for 'Interactive Todd Coxeter'.

The package provides a program that allows you to execute interactively
single steps in an enumeration of the cosets of a subgroup of a finitely
presented group using the graphics surface XGAP of GAP and thus to see
in various windows exactly what is happening.

Note that the ITC package cannot be loaded from GAP, but only from XGAP.
Hence it requires the XGAP package.

To install the ITC package, just unpack the file 'itc-1p4.zoo' in the
pkg subdirectory of your GAP installation (or in the pkg subdirectory of
any other GAP root directory) with the following command:

   unzoo -x itc-1p4.zoo

Then you can load the ITC package in an XGAP session by the command

   gap> LoadPackage( "itc" );