Computing trees related to some pro-p-groups of finite width

Version 1.3
Released 2020-01-28

This project is maintained by Bettina Eick, Tobias Rossmann, The GAP Team

			Fwtree, a GAP-package

The  Fwtree  package  for  GAP  provides functions  to  reproduce  the
experimental results described in  our paper "Periodicities for graphs
of p-groups beyond coclass".

More precisely, it provides

    * functions to determine the rank, width and obliquity of a finite

    * functions to investigate  the graph of all finite  p-groups of a
      given rank, width and obliquity, and

    * a library  of finite quotients of  certain infinite pro-p-groups
      of finite rank, width and obliquity. 

Bettina Eick
Institut Computational Mathematics
TU Braunschweig
Pockelsstrasse 14
38106 Braunschweig

e-mail: beick@tu-bs.de

Tobias Rossmann
School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics
National University of Ireland, Galway
University Road

e-mail: tobias.rossmann@googlemail.com

			   Obtaining Fwtree

Fwtree is available from its homepage


			  Installing Fwtree

Download fwtree-1.0.tar.gz and extract  it into the `pkg' directory of
your GAP-installation. The package can  then be loaded from within GAP
using ‘LoadPackage("fwtree").


The documentation of fwtree is available in the `doc' directory and on
the homepage.