Framework for Interactive Discrete Mathematics

Version 1.2.4
Released 2019-05-17

This project is maintained by Manuel Martins

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Francy is a package for GAP that provides a framework for Interactive Discrete Mathematics.

Unlike XGAP, Francy is not linked with any GUI framework and instead, this package is responsible for the generation of a semantic model that can be used to produce a graphical representation using any other framework / language.

See Official Documentation

There is javascript implementation of the graphical representation that works on Jupyter, embeded in a Web page or as a Desktop Application (e.g. using electron).

See Graphics Interface


Jupyter Notebook Binder


Jupyter Lab Binder


These binders include the following notebooks:

Notebook Description
francy-features.ipynb Contains examples of all features present in Francy
francy-monoids-mult-three.ipynb Contains an example of proofs used in a paper
francy-monoids.ipynb Contains FrancyMonoids package examples
francy-numericalsgps.ipynb Same as above, but the algorithms are visible in the notebook
francy.ipynb First notebook ever created with Francy
ICMS_2018.ipynb Presentation notebook for the ICMS 2018 in USA
orbital-graphs.ipynb Contains some reseach algorithms for orbital graphs
subgroup-lattice.ipynb Contains Subgroup-Lattice package examples

Jupyter Integration

In order to use this module in Jupyter, install it as follows, both jupyter lab and notebook extension:

mcmartins@local:~$ pip install jupyter_francy
mcmartins@local:~$ jupyter lab build # for JupyterLab
mcmartins@local:~$ jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix jupyter_francy # for Jupyter Notebook

The jupyter extension requires the JupyterKernel GAP package installed. See Jupyter GAP Kernel for more information.

Package Structure

Directory Description
tst contains gap code tests
scripts contains scripts used by travis
schema contains the francy JSON Schema
notebooks contains some notebooks with francy examples
js contains the source code of francy-js
gap contains the source code of francy-gap
examples contains examples used throughout francy-gap documentation
doc contains introductory documentation for francy-gap

Other projects based or inspired by Francy

Project Author Description
Jupyterviz Nathan Carter Provides general purpose visualization tools
Francy Julia Claus Fieker Francy ported to Julia language
Francy Widgets Odile BĂ©nassy Francy Python adapter for representing graphs in Jupyter


MIT License