Adjoint groups of finite rings

Version 1.6.6
Released 2023-02-25

This project is maintained by Olexandr Konovalov

GAP Package Circle

The Circle package provides functionality for computations in adjoint groups of finite associative rings. It allows to construct circle objects that will respect the circle multiplication r*s=r+s+rs, create multiplicative groups, generated by such objects, and compute groups of elements, invertible with respect to this operation. Also it may serve as an example of extending the GAP system with new multiplicative objects.

The current version of this package is version 1.6.6, released on 2023-02-25. For more information, please refer to the package manual. There is also a README file.

License: GPL-2.0-or-later


This package requires GAP version >=4.8

The following other GAP packages are needed:


Olexandr Konovalov, Panagiotis Soules.


Please, cite this package as

[KS23] Konovalov, O. and Soules, P., Circle, Adjoint groups of finite rings, Version 1.6.6 (2023)
(Refereed GAP package),

You can get more info by typing Cite("Circle"); in the gap prompt.


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