A package on threshold elements

Version 1.02
Released 2019-02-06

This project is maintained by Vasyl Laver

The GAP 4 package `thelma’


This is release 1.02 of the package `thelma’.

The features of this package include

     - checking the single threshold element realizability of a given boolean function;
     - finding the threshold element representation of a boolean function;
     - finding the boolean function from the given network of threshold elements;
 - realization of neural elements over finite fields;

There is a manual in the sub-directory ‘doc’ written using the GAP package gapdoc which describes the available functions in detail. The pdf and html versions of the manual are also available there.

If you have used this package, please let us know by sending us an email. If you have found important features missing or if there is a bug, we would appreciate it very much if you send us an email

Victor Bovdi Vasyl Laver

or use the issue tracker:


With this version you should have obtained the following files and directories:

    README          this file

    doc             the manual

    lib             the GAP code

    init.g          the file that initializes this package

    read.g          the file that reads in the package     

PackageInfo.g	information file for automatic processing

version		the version number 1.02


As this package does not contain any C code, to install it just unpack the archive in the “pkg” directory of your GAP installation folder. Then enter command “LoadPackage( “thelma” );”.

Good luck!