Computing with parametrised presentations for p-groups of fixed coclass

Version 1.3.1
Released 2019-09-27

This project is maintained by The GAP Team

               The Symbolic-Computation-and-Coclass package

This is the README file for the GAP package "SymbCompCC".

This package gives tools to compute with elements in Q[p^x]. These 
elements are used to give parameter presentations for p-groups of certain 
coclass and the computation of the Schur extension of these families of 

The  package is distributed with  the main  GAP archive.  
For updates check the package Web page
An installation should be possible on any system. You have to unpack the
package into the GAP-package directory pkg. 

Now start GAP and type


The ``SymbCompCC" package banner should appear on the screen. 

For details on how to use the SymbCompCC package see the package
documentation in the `doc' subdirectory (view either `manual.dvi'  via
`xdvi' or or `manual.pdf' via a PDF viewer). 

This code is released under the GPL version 2 or later (at your preference). 
For the text of the GPL, please see

  D"orte Feichtenschlager -- 19 November 2011.