A permutation pattern class package

Version 2.4.2
Released 2018-07-24

This project is maintained by Ruth Hoffmann

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The ‘PatternClass’ GAP 4 package

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Patch info ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had to patch the IntersectionAutomaton, UnionAutomata and ProductLanguage from the Automata pkg (version 1.13) to improve performance testing. The patched functions are located in lib/automata.* .


This is version 2.4.2 of the ‘PatternClass’ package.

The ‘PatternClass’ package allows you to explore the permutation pattern classes build by token passing networks. Amongst other things, ‘PatternClass’ can compute the basis of a permutation pattern class et vice versa, rank encode and decode permutations, create automata from token passing networks and checking if the deterministic automaton is a possible representative of a token passing network. More details on what functions “PatternClass’ contains, consult the manual in the doc folder.

If there are any problems with the package please do not hesitate to contact us.

Michael Albert Steve Linton Ruth Hoffmann (Current maintainer)


This package comes with the following files and directories

doc             the directory with the manual
init.g          this file does initialise the package
lib             this directory contains all GAP code
lib/grid        this directory contains experimental code which is not preloaded
                see README in lib/grid for info
PackageInfo.g   the information file for automatic processing
read.g          this file reads the package
README          you are currently reading this file

Unpacking and Installing ‘PatternClass’

If you get ‘PatternClass’ as a compressed file unpack it in the pkg/ folder in the gap4r4 folder where GAP is installed on your computer. To uncompress the .tar.gz file on UNIX use the following command

tar xzf PatternClass2.4.2.tar.gz

If your version of tar does not support the z option use

gunzip PatternClass2.4.2.tar.gz tar xf PatternClass2.4.2.tar

This will create the folder PatternClass in pkg/ and within that you will find the directories and files mentioned above.

To use the package within GAP, run GAP and type the following

gap> LoadPackage(“patternclass”);

Loading Automata 1.13 For help, type: ?Automata: —————————————————————- ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Loading PatternClass 2.4.2 (A permutation pattern class package) by Ruth Hoffmann (, Steve Linton (, and Michael Albert ( Homepage: ───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── true gap>

Now you can use all functions of ‘PatternClass’ within this session of GAP. As described in the manual, found in the doc directory or online or within GAP help.


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