Easily download and install GAP packages

Version 1.0
Released 2020-02-04

This project is maintained by Michael Torpey

The GAP 4 package “PackageManager”

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A basic collection of simple functions for installing and removing GAP packages, with the eventual aim of becoming a full pip-style package manager for the GAP system.

Example invocations:

gap> LoadPackage("PackageManager");

gap> InstallPackage("digraphs");

gap> InstallPackage("");

gap> InstallPackage("");

gap> RemovePackage("semigroups");

By default, verbose information about a command’s progress is printed to the screen. To see less of this information, try using:

gap> SetInfoLevel(InfoPackageManager, 1);

For more information on the features of PackageManager, see the documentation at or enter GAP and call, for example,

gap> ?InstallPackage


Please cite this package as:

[Tor19] M. Torpey, PackageManager (GAP package), Easily download and install GAP packages, Version X.Y (20XX),


PackageManager was partly created with funding from the OpenDreamKit project:
This infrastructure is part of a project that has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 676541.