GAP wrapper for Normaliz

Version 1.2.0
Released 2020-03-26

This project is maintained by Max Horn

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The GAP 4 package ‘NormalizInterface’

Package description

Normaliz is a software for computations with rational cones and affine monoids. It pursues two main computational goals: finding the Hilbert basis, a minimal generating system of the monoid of lattice points of a cone; and counting elements degree-wise in a generating function, the Hilbert series. As a recent extension, Normaliz can handle unbounded polyhedra. The Hilbert basis computation can be considered as solving a linear diophantine system of inhomogeneous equations, inequalities and congruences.

This package allows creating libnormaliz cone objects from within GAP, and gives access to it in the GAP environment. In this way GAP can be used as interactive interface to libnormaliz.

For more information on Normaliz visit and especially have a look at the manual.


NormalizInterface supports GAP 4.9 or later, and Normaliz 3.5.4 or later.

Assuming you have a suitable version installed, you still need to compile Normaliz. There is a complicating factor, however: Normaliz must be compiled against the exact same version of the GMP library as GAP. The easiest way to do that is to run the script we provide to you for just that. This requires the presence of several further system software packages, which you could for example install via your system’s package manager. At least the following are required, in addition to a C++11 compiler:

Once you have installed these, you can build Normaliz by using the script provided by us. If NormalizInterface is installed inside the pkg directory of your GAP installation, you can simply invoke it from inside the NormalizInterface directory as follows:


Otherwise, you have to tell the script where your GAP directory is, by passing it as an argumnt:


Not specifying GAPDIR is equivalent to passing ../.. as GAPDIR. If more than one argument is specified, then any arguments beyond the first are passed on to the Normaliz configure script.

Once the script completed successfully, you can build NormalizInterface like this:

./configure --with-gaproot=GAPDIR

The ` –with-gaproot=GAPDIR parameter is actually optional, and if omitted, the package will search for GAP in ../..`.

Documentation and tests

Generate the documentation:

gap makedoc.g

run automatic tests:

gap tst/testall.g

Bug reports and feature requests

Please submit bug reports and feature requests via our GitHub issue tracker:


NormalizInterface is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

For details see the file LICENSE.