Computing obstruction for the existence of compact Clifford-Klein form

Version 1.5
Released 2022-03-30

NoCK Package

NoCK is a GAP4 package.

REMARK: this package is written for GAP4.8 (and higher versions); the packages SLA and CoReLG are required.


To install the package NoCK move the file NoCK-XX.tar.gz (or any other archive containing it) into the pkg directory. Usually this will be the pkg subdirectory in your GAP4 installation. However, it is also possible to have a pkg subdirectory in a different place, see the section ‘Installing GAP Packages’ of the GAP4 reference manual for more information. Then simply unpack NoCK-XX.tar.gz and your installation is complete. Now start GAP and type

gap> LoadPackage( "NoCK" );

to load the package. You will see the package banner.

For details on how to use the NoCK package see the package documentation in the doc subdirectory (view its HTML version or manual.pdf via a PDF viewer). You will find additional information on how to create a GAP package in the Appendix of the manual.


The manual of NoCK is contained in /pkg/NoCK-XX/doc. An online version can be found here.

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