Hertweck-Luthar-Passi method.

Version 3.5
Released 2019-12-20

This project is maintained by Andreas Bächle, Leo Margolis

    README file for the `HeLP' GAP4 package

To get the newest version of this GAP 4 package download one of the
archive files

and unpack it using 
    gunzip HeLP-x.x.tar.gz; tar xvf HeLP-x.x.tar.

(Note that if you use a browser like `netscape' for downloading the
archive file the `gunzip' step above may already be done by the browser,
although the name of your file may still have the misleading `.gz'

Do this preferably (but not necessarily) inside the `pkg' subdirectory
of your GAP 4 installation. It creates a subdirectory called `help'.

 The package uses the software 4ti2  and/or normaliz and hence is only properly working
 on systems which have at least one of the two installed. normaliz
 may be installed via the GAP-package NormalizInterface,
 see the documentaion of this package for details.
 For more information on 4ti2 and to download it, please visit 
 To interact with these external softwares the package makes use of the
 4ti2-Interface and normaliz-Interface written by S. Gutsche, C. Söger and M. Horn, 
 The 4ti2-Interface in turn uses the package IO, that needs a C-part to be compiled;
 see the readme-file or the documentation of the IO-package for details.

This completes the installation of the package.

E-mail us if there are any questions, remarks, suggestions. Also, we
would like to hear about applications of this package.

Andreas Bächle, e-mail:
Leo Margolis, e-mail: