Advanced Methods for Factoring Integers

Version 1.6.3
Released 2019-11-15

This project is maintained by Stefan Kohl, Alexander Konovalov

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GAP package FactInt – Advanced Methods for [Fact]oring [Int]egers


FactInt is a GAP 4 package which provides routines for factoring integers, in particular:

It also provides access to Richard P. Brent’s tables of factors of integers of the form b^k +/- 1.

FactInt installs a better method for the operation Factors for integers. For details see the package documentation in the doc subdirectory – either view its HTML version (chap0.html) with a browser, or its PDF version manual.pdf with a PDF viewer.


This Version of FactInt needs at least GAP >=4.8.8 and GAPDoc >=1.6. It is completely written in the GAP language and does neither contain nor require external binaries.


Like any other GAP package, FactInt must be installed in the pkg/ subdirectory of the GAP distribution. This is accomplished by extracting the distribution file in this directory. By default, FactInt is autoloaded. This means that it is loaded automatically when you start GAP.

Distribution and Updates

FactInt is distributed with the main GAP archive. For package updates between GAP releases itself check its web page https://gap-packages.github.io/FactInt.


If you have problems with this package, wish to make comments or suggestions, or if you find bugs, please use https://github.com/gap-packages/FactInt/issues or contact package maintainers by email.