Generate documentation from GAP source code

Version 2019.09.04
Released 2019-09-04

This project is maintained by Sebastian Gutsche, Max Horn

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AutoDoc: A GAP package to help creating a GAPDoc documentation.

AutoDoc is a package for the GAP computer algebra system. It is meant to simplify the creation of reference manuals for GAP packages. It makes it possible to create documentation from source code comments, without writing XML files. It is not a substitute for GAPDoc, but rather builds on GAPDoc, by generating XML input for the latter. As such, you can combine an existing GAPDoc manual with AutoDoc.

Using AutoDoc

Please consult the AutoDoc manual for information on how to use it. It is accessible via the builtin help system of GAP. In addition you can find the manual for the latest AutoDoc version online at


Bug reports and other feedback are welcome. The latest version of this package can be found at

Please consult the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT file you should have received as part of this package for details.