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Packages for the GAP computer algebra system

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A list of GAP packages

This page lists the websites and/or public development repositories of known GAP packages. Please note that this list may differ from (and will typically be a superset of) the list of packages on the website: that webpage shows only those packages included with the most recent GAP release.

In particular, this page lists some packages that are in early development, or that are never intended to be deposited for redistribution with GAP.

This list is partially maintained manually, so it may be out of date. If you are aware of any GAP package websites or repositories not listed below, then please let us know so that we can include them here.

Some retired or unmaintained packages have been deliberately omitted from this page. This may include those mentioned at the bottom of the list of packages on the website.

Packages without public development repositories

  • AtlasRep: A GAP Interface to the Atlas of Group Representations
  • Browse: browsing applications and ncurses interface
  • CTblLib: The GAP Character Table Library

Packages hosted in the gap-packages organization on GitHub

Packages hosted elsewhere on GitHub

Last updated: 2022-04-04 08:52