GAP packages

Packages for the GAP computer algebra system

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If you are aware of any GAP package repositories not listed below, please let us know so that we can add them.

GAP packages hosted in the gap-packages organization on GitHub

GAP packages hosted elsewhere on GitHub

  • COCO2P: GAP-package for the computation with coherent configurations
  • CRISP: GAP package CRISP
  • Digraphs: Graphs, digraphs, and multidigraphs in GAP
  • EDIM: Elementary Divisors of Integer Matrices
  • FGA: Free Group Algorithms
  • FSR: Feedback Shift Register Package
  • G2Comp: G2Comp/Equivariant 2-complexes
  • GAPDoc: A package to generate documentation for GAP
  • The homalg project hosts all their projects on GitHub.
  • The CAP project: The GAP package CAP and packages using it
  • IRREDSOL: A library of irreducible soluble linear groups over finite fields and of finite primivite soluble groups
  • Itest: An implementation of Barmak and Minian’s I-test
  • JupyterViz: Visualization tools for Jupyter Notebooks using GAP kernels
  • MajoranaAlgebras: A package for constructing Majorana algebras and representations
  • matgrp: Matric Group Interface Routines
  • Posets: GAP Package for posets and finite spaces
  • Semigroups: A package for semigroups and monoids
  • semigroupviz: Visualization tools for semigroups in GAP
  • simpcomp: A GAP package for working with simplicial complexes
  • SmallCancellation: Metric and nonmetric small cancellation conditions
  • transgrp: GAP Transitive Groups Library
  • YAGS: YAGS - Yet Another Graph System

GAP packages hosted outside GitHub

  • FinInG: Finite Incidence Geometry
  • Forms: Sesquilinear and Quadratic forms

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