GAP packages

Packages for the GAP computer algebra system

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If you are aware of any GAP package repositories not listed below, please let us know so that we can add them.

GAP packages hosted in the gap-packages organization on GitHub

  • ace (Homepage): GAP interface for the the Advanced Coset Enumerator (ACE)
  • anatph: A new approach to proving hyperbolicity
  • anupq (Homepage): The ANUPQ GAP package
  • AutoDoc (Homepage): A GAP Package to produce documentations.
  • biogap: abstract algebraic algorithms in bacterial genomics
  • cohomolo (Homepage): Cohomology groups of finite groups on finite modules
  • cvec (Homepage): GAP package for Compressed vectors and matrices over finite fields
  • datastructures: Package for Standard Datastructures for (HPC-)GAP
  • Digraphs (Homepage): The GAP package Digraphs
  • example (Homepage): GAP Example Package
  • ferret (Homepage): GAP package for searching in finite permutation groups
  • float (Homepage): GAP package for floating-point support in GAP
  • fr (Homepage): GAP package for functionally recursive (automata) groups in GAP
  • gapbench: Some benchmarks for the GAP system.
  • genss (Homepage): The GAP package genss for randomised Schreier-Sims
  • gpd (Homepage): GAP package gpd (algorithms for finite groupoids):
  • idrel (Homepage): GAP package IdRel:
  • images (Homepage): GAP package for computing minimal and canonical images
  • img (Homepage): GAP package for iterated monodromy groups
  • io (Homepage): GAP package IO to do input and output
  • json (Homepage): A GAP Package for reading and writing JSON
  • kan (Homepage): GAP package kan:
  • kbmag (Homepage): Knuth-Bendix on Monoids and Automatic Groups
  • kerneltest:
  • matrices: Matrix and Vector interface for GAP
  • matrixss: Schreier-Sims for Matrix Groups
  • NormalizInterface (Homepage): A package for using normaliz from within GAP
  • nq (Homepage): GAP package for Nilpotent Quotients of Finitely Presented Groups
  • openmath: OpenMath functionality in GAP
  • orb (Homepage): The GAP package orb for advanced orbit enumerations
  • polenta (Homepage): GAP package for polycyclic presentations for matrix groups
  • primgrp (Homepage): Work in progress to convert Primitive Groups Library to a proper GAP package
  • profiling (Homepage): GAP profiling output
  • qaos (Homepage): Interfacing the QaoS database from GAP
  • qpa (Homepage): GAP package for quivers and path algebras
  • recog (Homepage): The GAP package recog to collect methods for constructive recognition
  • recogbase (Homepage): GAP package recogbase for constructive recognition of groups
  • RegisterPackageTNUMDemo: Demo package for RegisterTNUM
  • scscp: Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol in GAP
  • Semigroups (Homepage): The GAP package Semigroups
  • semirings: Semiring functionality for GAP
  • sgpdec (Homepage): GAP package for Hierarchical Composition and Decomposition of Permutation Groups and Transformation Semigroups
  • SingularInterface (Homepage): A GAP package for accessing Singular from within GAP
  • smallgrp: The GAP Small Groups Library
  • subsemi: Semigroup enumeration
  • toric: toric is a GAP package ( for doing computations with toric varieties.
  • utils (Homepage): GAP package utils - utility functions collected from other packages
  • uuid: Provide RFC4122 UUIDs
  • ve: Vector enumeration
  • xgap (Homepage): The XGAP package allows to use graphics in GAP.
  • xmod (Homepage): GAP package XMod (Crossed Modules and Cat1-Groups):
  • zeromq (Homepage): GAP Bindings to ZeroMQ

GAP packages hosted elsewhere on GitHub

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